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A former sales manager used to quip, “There’s no such thing as a perfect counter material”, and, in many ways, that still rings true today. Every countertop material has strengths and weaknesses. Picking the right material for your kitchen involves considering which strengths are most important to you and what kinds of functionality you want out of your countertop. In an attempt to help you navigate the process of determining your needs, we have summarized the major countertop categories below.  

Let's start with wood counters. Although less common than other types of counters, they have their advantages. Wood counters, depending both on the wood used and the grain pattern selected, vary greatly in characteristics and durability. We will unpack this in more detail on the wood counters page, but an important note regarding wood is the vast differences depending on type and cut. For example, wood counters, when made with end-grain material, are easily the best cutting and chopping surface you can buy. However, that same wood constructed in a flat grain pattern should be treated more like furniture, and should never be cut on. Selecting the right wood counter for the way you live will provide your home with years of elegance and function. 

Quartz Counters, also known as man-engineered stone, are the hot ticket item in counters today. While not off the charts on heat and scratch resistance like it's Granite counter-part, Quartz still scores relatively high on both attributes. With the look of stone, but colors of Granite and Marble, Quartz is non-porous, making it one of the best choices for cleaning durability and ease. Additionally, Quartz is very environmentally friendly both in the mining process and in the use of recycled materials for composition. Overall, Quartz remains a trendy and affordable option.  

Moving on to sheer durability and natural beauty, Granite is far and away your best pick. Granite counters are very heat and scratch resistant, making their cool, smooth surface a favorite of chefs and bakers in particular. Overall, they are recognized by realtors as a counter with great appeal to home buyers, and in recent years, they have become very moderately priced. It is of note that Granite is not tolerant of un-level surfaces, and will require resealing after several years. However, for natural beauty and value on the dollar, Granite remains one of best selections. 

Solid Surface counters, also called Corian, offers something no other material offers - seamless construction. Unlike natural stone or Quartz, seams in the surface where sections meet are virtually invisible with Corian. Seamless sinks made of Solid Surface are particularly popular both for seamless beauty and functionality. Although less heat and scratch resistant than Granite or Quartz, Solid Surface counters are among the easiest to repair, sometimes even repairable by homeowners themselves. Corian offers a wide variety of colors and patterns, and is a great all-around high performance countertop material. 

For many, color selection and economy are the most important factors when picking a countertop. If this is you, nothing beats a Plastic Laminate countertop. Also known as Formica, Plastic Laminate has been popular since the 50’s. Reasonably durable, Plastic Laminate comes in more colors than you could imagine, and is the most affordable counter material currently sold. In addition, decorative edges are now an option, adding interest and elegance to the traditional square plastic laminate edging.

We hope this overview has helped guide your selection. Please continue browsing our site, or better still, plan a visit to our showrooms! As questions arise, feel free to reach out and one of our experienced sales staff will find you the answers you need!

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