Delivery and Distribution

3: Distribution & Delivery

The best plans and materials are of no use to a project without efficient, damage free delivery services. Carefree Kitchens is as much a logistics and distribution company as it is a kitchen design company. What makes this true is that Carefree was in the business of manufacturing and delivery long before it was in the kitchen design business. We understand how to efficiently order, receive, store, and deliver cabinets and counters for your home.

The business of cabinet logistics begins with the careful, error-free ordering of cabinets and materials from our business partners. This process continues to the point of receiving  materials into our 30,000 square foot, climate controlled warehouse. There materials are stored until you are ready to receive them. Jobsite delays are not uncommon, and it is always better that items remain in safe storage than on a jobsite that is not quite ready for them.

When you are ready for delivery, we can schedule that for you; a day or two of notice usually suffices. Our deliveries are made on our own trucks, no common carriers or freight companies are involved in our delivery process. By using experienced, dedicated employees we are able to reduce damages to absolute minimum levels. An experienced and cautious delivery staff makes the delivery a good experience.

While many types of things we buy nowadays are from internet sources, the purchase of kitchen and bath cabinets are still much more successfully purchased through companies with local distribution. The invaluable services of safe and predictable storage and delivery of your new kitchen is often the difference between a good or bad remodeling experience.


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planning and Design Process

1: Planning & Design

Sometimes planning and design can seem like a challenging and overwhelming task. But, here at Carefree Kitchens, we take pride in helping you to go through the process with ease! learn more


Selection Process

2: Selection

What unique features do you like? What describes you? We can help with your decisions to select the best fitting kitchen for you! learn more


3: Distribution & Delivery

Our trucks will deliver the cabinets to you, or you can pick them up at our distribution center. Whichever is more convenient for you! learn more