Full Access Cabinets

ADA - Accessible Cabinets

Not very long ago, designing a kitchen for clients with disabilities or any physical limitations meant simply lowering the sink two inches and removing the sink base cabinet to allow a wheel chair to pull closer to the sink. That was it! ADA-Accessible kitchen delivered. Thankfully, the cabinet industry has come a long way in the past two decades. Now, Carefree Kitchens is able to furnish kitchen cabinets and accessories in a design custom tailored to the needs of any individual, and can do so using cabinets in a broad price range.

The first question to address in the design process is to determine if the kitchen will be actively used by someone in a wheelchair. If so, the cabinet’s toe-kicks can be increased in height to accommodate the chair’s foot rests, allowing more effective use of the counters and avoiding the damage that footrests can inflict on cabinetry.

Next to determine is at what height the counters should be. Will there be multiple users requiring counters of different heights? How should the interiors of the cabinets be equipped? Accessories can play a large part in making the kitchen a more efficient place to prepare meals in. Strategic use of roll out shelves, pot and pan holders, full depth shelving, and dividers can go a long way to making food preparation and entertaining an enjoyable experience.

While designing a kitchen for a client with physical impairments can be challenging, there has never been more for the designer to work with. Wellborn Cabinet Company, for example, makes ADA height (ideal height for wheelchairs) drawer bases, corner lazy-susans, appliance bases, blinder corner bases, corner base cabinets with swing out shelves, wastebasket cabinets, built-in oven cabinets, as well as a cabinets with pull out tables. So, plan a trip to one of Carefree Kitchens' Showrooms to discover how your kitchen can be transformed into a room that meets your needs!

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