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Welcome to Carefree Kitchens. This page acts as a quick tour guide to our company and gives pertinent information you might need about our process.  Carefree has been in the cabinet industry for over thirty years, while our sales staff has over 195 years of combined experience in the  industry; to bring you the best quality cabinets and countertops available.

Our Process:
How does the process work? To begin we meet with you in person so that we can both get on the same page. This step is important, because we want to make sure that we understand exactly where you are with your budget, your thoughts, and your style. If any of those are uncertain, we can help solidify and narrow your options. We are more than willing to help you wherever you are on the path to creating your perfect kitchen. Learn more about our process.

The consultation phase also helps with any logistical unknowns you might have including questions about countertop textures and dimensions, cabinets, or specific preferences you might have. These consultations typically take place in one of our showrooms so that you can see and feel vivid representations of what your ideas might look like in reality. Request a Consultation.

Planning and Design:
After we settle the above information, we can now help plan and design your kitchen, taking your ideas and dreams off paper and putting them into real life. Learn more about our Planning and Design Process.

Very closely tied to the planning and design stage is the selection process. This is where you can now select the color, finish, variety, style, and even the cabinets themselves. This is also known as the ‘fun part'. Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety of choices at this stage! We will find the right fit for you and your home. Learn more about our Selection Process.

After you have decided the details on your design and selection, we enter the final step of the process where we can now place your order, receive your kitchen and/or countertop, and deliver it to your home. This is, of course, the most exciting stage of all! Learn more about our Delivery Process.

Contractor Needs:
In addition to your cabinet and countertop needs, if you would like a contractor we would be more than happy to suggest one for you. We have worked with many of our independent contractors for years and feel confident in recommending them to complete your dream project. Find a Contractor.

Please feel free to search our page, and if you have any questions at all, please visit our FAQs page or send us an email! We are excited to begin this journey with you!



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