Planning and Design

1: Planning & Design

In planning and design, there are typically three steps that we help walk you through. These steps include: Pre-lanning, the First Draft and the Final Plan.

Pre-planning is the most essential part of the process. This is where we define and pinpoint the requirements and wants for your kitchen. Pre-planning often starts with a visit to our showroom so you can meet us and see the great products we display. To create a first draft of your kitchen plan, we will need either a blueprint of your room as it is (or as an architect has reconfigured it), or we can visit your job site to make measurements for the plan.

After we have a definition of your jobsite the first draft begins.  Prior to working on the plan we will need to meet and discuss your storage needs, your appliance preferences, and your style.  This work is typically best done at the showroom, where we can show you tons of samples and actual cabinets to help you make the best choices.  This is a completely pressure-free process; it is a time for brain storming and being imaginative.  At this point nothing is permanent, there is nothing to undo.  This is often the most enjoyable part of the remodeling process, short of completion.

Occasionally, the last draft is the final plan. While this does happen, usually at least one revision is required, and often plans require several revisions to get things just right for your needs.  Reviewing the first draft is a critical step in making sure you understand everything on the plan; this includes what each cabinet has behind the fronts, what the clearances are throughout, and what appliances can be accommodated. Appliances can become a major source of misunderstanding, and before declaring a draft of the final plan, appliance selection should be finalized.  Working through the “draft” process is all about details.

When the first draft, or subsequent revisions, has been completed with all appliance, cabinet, and counter details determined and approved by you, we now can create the final plan.  Congratulations!  You deserve it.  Kitchen planning requires a bit of work.  Hopefully we made it as fun and enjoyable as possible.  That is our goal each and every time.

Our Designers enjoy the planning and design process as much as our clients do.  Learning about you and what it takes to make your project a success is very rewarding!  We look forward to meeting you and helping your ideas become reality.


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planning and Design Process

1: Planning & Design

Sometimes planning and design can seem like a challenging and overwhelming task. But, here at Carefree Kitchens, we take pride in helping you to go through the process with ease! learn more


Selection Process

2: Selection

What unique features do you like? What describes you? We can help with your decisions to select the best fitting kitchen for you! learn more


3: Distribution & Delivery

Our trucks will deliver the cabinets to you, or you can pick them up at our distribution center. Whichever is more convenient for you! learn more