Solid Surfaces Countertops

Solid Surfaces Countertops

The DuPont Corporation was the pioneer of solid surface counter surfacing in the 1960’s. Corian is made of acrylic, which is easy to clean and maintain, and it also offers a great repair-ability.

The seamless appearance of solid surface is markedly sleeker than the joints seen in the stone and Quartz, and solid surface is nonporous and requires no sealing. At the time of its invention, solid surface colors were all white or variations of white. Now, solid surface comes in nearly any color you can imagine.

The Basix line of solid surface offers much of the advantages of Corian, but at a significantly lower price. Made of a polyester-acrylic blend, Basix has the same beauty and practicality of Corian.

Performance, beauty, and value have combined to make Corian and Basix a solid surfacing choice!


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